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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Q:  Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

A:  We do ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses. We ship military packages via USPS and depending on the location, especially if overseas, it may take several weeks to arrive. 

Q:  Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

A:  We do ship to Hawaii and Alaska. There may be a shipping surcharge for some items. This will be indicated at checkout.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  We do ship internationally. If you wish to get a quote please click the link here to contact our customer service department. 

Q:  Can I get a Leg Lamp and crate shipped to an APO/FPO/DPO address?

A:  Due to the weight and size of the wooden crate, we are unable to ship them to military addresses, as they exceed USPS guidelines. 

Q:  Can I get a Leg Lamp and crate shipped to Hawaii or Alaska?

A:  Yes. Please contact our customer service department using this link and we can give you a quote on the shipping cost. 

Q:  Will my order ship if I also have Pre-Order items on it?

A:  We will ship your order once all items are in stock. If you wish to have the in-stock items shipped immediately, please place a separate order from the pre-ordered item(s). 



Q:  What do I do if an item arrives damaged?

A:  If your package was damaged in shipping or appears to have a manufacturing defect, please contact us here within 10 days of receipt of the item.  Please provide in your message a photo of the damaged/defective product and a brief description of the damage/defect.  

Q:  What do I do if my shipping box is damaged?

A:  Since the boxes we ship in are solely used as a means of transporting your items safely, we will not replace damaged or scuffed up boxes. Some minor damage is expected and can occur when shipping.

Q:  What do I do if my Leg Lamp crate is damaged?

A:  The crate itself, being the shipping carton, can sometimes get damaged in shipping. Minor scuffs, scrapes, and popped nails can occur during transport.  We do not replace crates due to minor damage.  If extreme damage occurs, please notify us immediately.



Q:  What is your return/exchange policy?

A:  If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may choose to return your package.  Please be advised that all returns must be postmarked no later than 30 days after the original delivery date of the package.  Please see our complete Return Policy for details.



Q:  Do you sell replacement parts for the Leg Lamp?

A:  We currently sell replacement shades for the full size Leg Lamps on our site if extra shades are available. If you are in need of a replacement fishnet stocking, they can be found at most major department stores. 

Q:  Can I just order a crate without the Leg Lamp?

A:  Unfortunately, we do not sell empty wooden crates.  The crates are already packaged with the legs inside and ready to ship.  

Q:  What size is the Leg Lamp and shade?

A:  The Leg Lamp with the shade is measured from the base to the top of the shade.

  • The shade for the 50” Leg Lamp is:
    Height: 14”
    Width: 20”
  • The shade for the 45” Leg Lamp is:
    Height: 14 ½”
    Width: 16”
  • The shade for the 26” Leg Lamp is:
    Height: 8”
    Width: 10”
  • The shade for the 20” Leg Lamp is:
    Height: 7 ½”
    Width: 10”

Q:  Do you wholesale?

A:  We currently do not wholesale any of our products.  

Q:  What are the dimensions of the wood crates?

  • 50” Full Sized Crate:
    24” X 25 ½” X 42”
  • 50” Leg ONLY Crate:
    14 ½” X 13 ½” X 43”
  • 45” Full Sized Crate:
    22 ½” X 21” X 37”
  • 45” Leg ONLY Crate:
    13 ½” X 14 ½” x 43”
  • 26” Full Sized Crate:
    12 ½” X 14 ½” X 23”

Q:  How do I replace an internal bulb?

A:  For the 26", 45", & 50" Leg Lamps, follow these 9 simple steps to change the internal leg lamp light bulb.

  1. Unplug the lamp from the electrical outlet.
  2. Remove the shade and harp.
  3. Remove the external bulb from the main socket.
  4. Unscrew the thumb screws on top the vase cap.
  5. Pull straight up on the vase cap to reveal the internal socket. (If you are unable to pull the vase cap up, your lamp may be equipped with a cord stop. Please trim away the felt in the center of the base and remove the clip. This will allow the cord to move freely. Not all lamps have this cord stop - you only need to take this step if you can't pull up on the vase cap easily.)
  6. Remove the burned out bulb and replace it with a new 15-watt bulb.
  7. Replace the vase cap and secure it with the 2 original screws.
  8. Draw out the plug cord.
  9. Return the external bulb to the main socket and re-attach the shade.

Watch this instructional video!

For the 20” Leg Lamp, download this instruction sheet:  CLICK HERE