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Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 16, 2007    |   From: Joyce

I received both lamps in perfect condition within 2 days of ordering. Thank you for you prompt and professional service. I can hardly wait to see my husband and son open their lamps on Christmas!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 10, 2007    |   From: Janette P from Washington State


A huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the excellent service I receive when ordering from your company!!! Esp from "ANGELA" who has gone out of her way with customer service for me everytime I have called. She is the main reason I do business with Red Rider Leg Lamps. RRLL is a great company and every order always arrives in perfect condition. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 3, 2007    |   From: Connie

Can't wait til Christmas to display this beautiful leg lamp in our bay window!! It will keep our street on the tour of lights for sure! Thanks!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Sep 22, 2007    |   From: Missouri Shabie

When "A Christmas Story" came out in theaters my son was around 8 years old, but he has never forgotten that movie or the fact that he looked a great deal like "Ralphie" This movie became a yearly tradition in our household continuing even after both my children had homes of their own. Sooooo for my son's 32 birthday I sent him the leg lamp. I don't think I have ever given him a gift he loved more!

The quality is excellent, the service Superior, but the childhood memory that lamp invokes is priceless!

Thank you for an outstanding product!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Aug 29, 2007    |   From: Jerry

Hello - Lamp arrived today. Thanks for the great service - Five stars *****


Churchills Books

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jun 5, 2007    |   From: Patrick Nogalski

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and again let you know how much I appreciate you going out of your way to send the lamp via alternate means, and although you may not think it is a big deal, it is.

The lamp was bought for a friend who was absolutely floored when he received it. So much so, that he played with the lamp, and it's placement all night. It was actually very comical to watch. He loved it, and now calls it one of his "prized" possessions.

You have done something a lot of other "big" companies will not do, and that is to please your customers, and that means a lot. Thanks again and again.



Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: May 30, 2007    |   From: Susan

I purchased a leg lamp for an Awards Dinner for the American Legion and I wanted to present this to a Veteran from WWII who helps me out every year with our Poppy Campaign. The leg lamp was a HUGE hit with not only the recipient but all the attendees. The rest of the event was very sedate and well, honestly boring until my portion. I gave out some pin awards and certificates and then on the stage along side the podium were the two boxes. Of course, I hammed it up and when he opened the box - hysterical laughter went on for minutes among the crowd. Chuck - the recipient later gathered the leg in one arm and gave a beautiful thank you speech and made a further plug for my organization.He now signs his name - Legs Gudbrandsen.

Thanks sooooo much for all the work you did on making this night happen for me and Chuck. It was so great of you.

Susan K.


American Legion Auxiliary Unit 264

Lake Forest, IL

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: May 2, 2007    |   From: Terry Grant

Attached is a photo of the happiest 50 year old man in the world. I received a Red Rider Leg Lamp for my 50th birthday. I have wanted one for years and my family ordered one for me from your company. It was the best present that I could have ever received. I opened my present in front of my family and friends and had to set it up and run right outside and see what it looked like. Of course I had my wife center it in the window for me.
About an hour after I placed it in our living room window for the world to see, a car cruised past our house and the guy almost went off the road. He came to a screeching stop (almost putting his family through the windshield). He put the car in reverse and moved backward to sit in front of our house. I could see him pointing and his wife and kids were all looking in amazement. I bolted to the window and gave them two thumbs up and they all returned the two thumbs up to me. They all drove away with a smile as big as mine.
The whole world loves a Red Rider Leg Lamp! I can't wait to start collecting the rest of the items you have on your web site.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Feb 14, 2007    |   From: Rick and Miss Hubb


We purchased our Major Award from you back in the fall of 2004. We got the "Fragile" crate with it. We are so pleased with our Award that it does go right in the middle of our front room window. We get more and more slow drive by vehicles and knocks at the door from people that want to see it up close. And when we take it down for the season, we are told also by the neighbors that it's a let down to them. Here's what it looks like from the outside.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 19, 2007    |   From: Ann Henner

want to thank you for making my step- dads dream come true. He has been waiting for his leg lamp since I told him I ordered him one. We tracked it all the way from California to our little town in Wisconsin. It is now on display (proudly) in his family room right smack in the window for all onlookers to gaze in awe at his major award. Thanks once again for making this gift the best that us kids could give him.

Ann Henner AKA The best step daughter

Saint Francis Wisconsin

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