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Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 10, 2013    |   From: chad gardner

LIGHTNING fast delivery - 1 day on the weekend! Terrific products. Great packaging. Very pleased. Ordered some similar novelty items from another, more mainstream website (CP) and was NOT impressed by quality or value. Thank you, ACSHGS, for making Christmas brighter.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jun 13, 2013    |   From: Kathy

I love my A Christmas Story village, one of my most prized possessions! I look forward to setting it up each year! There are certain accessories that need to be made though...such as the grizzly bears from Pulaski's candy store, the Momma's little piggy table name a couple. Maybe one day!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 26, 2012    |   From: Cassie H

I ordered the 45" leg lamp for my fiance for Christmas and he loves it!!! He actually said since its a major award it has to be shown off all year long! haha Her heel and nylon are real which amazing! And it has a 3 way light switch so her leg can just light up or her shade or both! I would definitely recommend the leg lamp to anyone!! It literally is the best gift ever! :)

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 14, 2012    |   From: Nancy Munson

So glad I was able to find a Moose Mug for my husband, we love that movie, watch it every year, it's a tradition in our family. Delivery was fast but the mug was broke. I called and you immediately sent out a replacement. It just came an hour ago, in perfect condition. Your customer service is excellent, I was treated so well. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 7, 2012    |   From: Joel Williams

I have owned my leg lamp now for 8 years. Its been to middle east and back on my deployments. I have taken it every where with me and the only thing I have had to replace is a light bulb. It brings cheer and happiness every time it appears. I cant tank you enough for all the smiles and good times it has brought. Thank you!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 5, 2012    |   From: Sandie

5 + + + + + + + +
Really a thrill to select the PERFECT gift. I purchased the hallowed leg lamp for my son (age 39) and have started the village vignette for my daughter and grandchildren. Always a winner to have memories of a family cult film. We all know the script, by the way.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 3, 2012    |   From: Larry from Minnesota and Virginia

This is the most awesome thing ever, Thank You for bundling it and making my life a lettle easier. I've set it up at work, as you can see (damn cats at home would destroy it, little fuzzy buggers). It's a big hit here.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 28, 2012    |   From: Karen from Michigan

THANK YOU so much for restoring the "Christmas Story" house. Ever since the movie came out, it's a family tradition to watch the movie at Christmas and now going to see the house is with the whole family and now grandkids!!! My dad is the "old man" and acted like a kid the first time we seen the house!!!! BUT!! When the leg lamp arrived you would've thought he actually won the "MAJOR REWARD" he was so happy, my mom NOT so much!!!!! WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK, as the lamp shines through the front window on a busy street proudly!!!!!!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 16, 2012    |   From: Carolyn

Phenomenal response on my order. Could not believe that I could place an order one day and receive it the next. Delighted with the product and the quality.

I will certainly shop your web site again.


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 16, 2012    |   From: Carolyn

Phenomenal response on my order. Could not believe that I could place an order one day and receive it the next. Delighted with the product and the quality.

I will certainly shop your web site again.


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Sep 5, 2012    |   From: Carli

Just a quick email to say thanks to you and your team for the quick delivery to Australia!
The parcel arrived on Friday 24th August - and I was able to give it to my Hubby for father's Day on Sunday 2nd Sept!
Needless to say he loved it, and spend most of Sunday night browsing your website - so I have not doubt I'll be putting in another order for Christmas!

As the postage is expensive to Australia, is their another freight option to order it earlier and have it come via sea freight instead of express air freight? Just a thought.
Or could you give me estimated weight prices to Australia - so that I know how much I can buy before I blow my budget on freight!

Many thanks again

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Aug 29, 2012    |   From: Judy Sikorski

I have or rather "had" the large leg lamp displayed in the front window of my 1898 vintage home. After we moved to a smaller house, we rented the vintage house out as a gift shop. The tenant had one stipulation and that was that the lamp had to stay in the window of the store because it was considered a landmark. People that come to the store now, often ask if it's for sale. Sorry.. it is only on loan...but I'm glad everyone enjoys it so much.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 30, 2011    |   From: Diane Shoopman

Hello and Merry Christmas. We recieved our Bunny Suit last week, thanks for the quick shipping! Got it in 2 days time. We had our 3yr old grandson over for dinner and had him put the Bunny Suit on. Took this picture to use as our Christmas Card this year. It's a HUGE hit! Everyone loves it. Wanted to share it with you.

Thank you

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 20, 2011    |   From: Trish and Mike

Wanted to say THANK YOU for the great products. We just received the 45" leg lamp today (after only ordering it on the 10th of December and thinking it would not be shipped til mid January at least). I have promised my husband the leg lamp for at least two years now and was finally able to get it and it did not disappoint in the slightest. It is fully put together and already in use :-) The blu-ray disc will be going in next :-) Thank you for helping to make it a wonderful Christmas for my husband :-) also thank you for the added bonus of the t-shirt you included.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 13, 2011    |   From: Diane Shoopman

Hello and Merry Christmas. We recieved our Bunny Suit last week, thanks for the quick shipping! Got it in 2 days time. We had our 3yr old grandson over for dinner and had him put the Bunny Suit on. Took this picture to use as our Christmas Card this year. It's a HUGE hit! Everyone loves it. Wanted to share it with you.

Thank you


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 18, 2011    |   From: Dino

Well, its that time of the year again. The Leg Lamp goes in the front room
window on Thanksgiving Day. What a celebration our family has. We all visited the house in Cleveland and the gift shop. So easy to spend $400.00.
The Red Ryder BB Gun is displayed all year long in the family room. The movie is a replica of how times were at Christmas time when I was a kid.
To all who made all of this possible....THANKYOU SO MUCH.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jul 19, 2011    |   From: Kevin Cuffe

To The Folks at A Christmas Story House:

THANK YOU ! Again. I bought Ralphie's house and The Bumpus' house and Ralphie with Santa a couple years ago and was very pleased with the pieces. This week I bought the house ornament, the family sculpture in white with light, and Ralphie and the lug nuts and am very very pleased with them also!! I didn't even know the lug nut figurine had sound! Wow!! The pieces now join the rest of the character pieces on display for Christmas here in my home.

Here A Christmas Story was around for so many years and just received mediocre attention and then suddenly it's become as much of a Christmas staple as It's A Wonderful Life ... maybe more so. The blue collar lifestyle Ralphie comes from ... Jean Shepherd comes from ... is my background as well, only NJ style. That movie illustrates a time in my life too ... especially the grossly overloaded and sparking electrical outlet! And of course the scary A&S Santa! It's great.

Kevin Cuffe

Fords, NJ

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jul 15, 2011    |   From: R A Shappard

Wow, I thought I was the only one that loved this lamp. I have a desktop size in my office all year round. It's awesome. I put it right under my Jackalope that's mounted on the wall. Its Fragilee, must be from France.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jul 1, 2011    |   From: Peggy Finzgar

Thank you Ian for your generosity today FOR THE TROOPS!!! They will love the cards at Christmas....whether they are from Ohio or not, they will have fond memories of the movie....for a moment they can forget where they are and have a laugh and a smile...
I will let them know of your kind gesture in honoring them !!!!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Feb 28, 2011    |   From: Beate

My son received his lamp last night and posted it on his blog. you can see by the pictures how surprised and happy he was. I felt like I was actually there when he opened it. He is an artist in SF and has many interesting things so it was always hard to give him something. Thanks for making this possible. Today I am writing your company a letter to tell them about your excellant service. Thanks again. Beate
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 20, 2010    |   From: Lori Wick

Our Holiday Party was a HUGE success. Thought you might like to see a few images.

Thank you to everyone on your end for getting us all the “stuff”.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 13, 2010    |   From: Kathy McCaughan

I just received my leg lamp desktop and I am so pleased! I was also surprised at how quickly it arrived. It is a surprise gift for my Daughter and I am sure she will LOVE it! I will be sure to tell my friends of your website!


Kathy McCaughan

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 3, 2010    |   From: Greg

Thought you might like this picture. The Leg Lamp at my dads house.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 29, 2010    |   From: Jaron Elkins

My friend found your website while looking for a Christmas Story piece. I haven't been able to get off the site since. I thought I would submit the pictures of my village.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 22, 2010    |   From: Gina Woelfel

I just ordered your Leg lamp cookie cutter and the whole set! I LOVE it. Thanks so much. Wanted to send you a picture of the finished product. Thanks for having such a great store!
Rating: 4  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 22, 2010    |   From: Tammy

Just want you to know I love your site but everything I want right now is out of stock... BUT, can you please find a Christmas Vacation blanket?! There is not one anywhere that I can find and need one by Christmas!! And even more christmas vacation tshirts ans sweatshirts! But the blanket is a must!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 21, 2010    |   From: Kevin Cuffe

I just wanted to let you know that my purchase arrived today and that I don't believe I have ever gotten anything I ordered online delivered as fast as this order came! I'm amazed! It's totally intact and appears exactly as it must have left your business.


The pieces are precisely as I anticipated they would appear and I am very happy with them. They'll have a spot on display this Christmas in our living room alongside the other A Christmas Story figures I've collected, partially illuminated by the 20" leg lamp!

Have Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, and very successful sales and patronage for them!

I first heard A CHRISTMAS STORY from Jean Shepherd himself on WOR radio in NYC when I was 15-16, which would be 1967-68. It's as good told by the master story-teller himself as it was on film! All the rest of Mr. Shepherd's tales are just as great and I can hardly move after hearing or reading them because I've laughed myself sore!

Kevin Cuffe

Fords, N.J.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Sep 23, 2010    |   From: The Petkus Family

We just received our full size leg lamp, and I swear it was 'A Christmas Story' all over again! The excitement from seeing the crate it was shipped in (which will become a Christmas focal point too), my husband reciting every line (it's a MAJOR award! Brain power!) to my youngest son rubbing the leg (electric sex!) I can't wait to move furniture around so I can place the lamp in our front window! The only thing more exciting is planning what I hope to become our 'Annual Leg Lamp Lighting Party' (and yes, I will make the men stand outside to admire it!) I ordered one for my sister-in-law as well, and am excitedly waiting for the phone call! Thank you!

Joyce Petkus
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Sep 6, 2010    |   From: rich

got my 45" leg lamp last year. it's so awesome. first night she was in the window people were taking pics of her. we were out one night on the side of our house and a car stopped out front and i heard the people inside talking "see there it is, i told you" . can't wait for november 1st so i can bring her out again!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Aug 3, 2010    |   From: Kline Family

My son & I visited the A Christmas Story House last week on our way back to our home in upstate New York. After having the time of our lives at the house with enthusiastic and genuinely happy staff (Ian Petrella was a great guy to speak with), we went to the gift shop and bought the 50 inch "leg lamp" (amoung other things). It now holds a place of honor in our home's great room (photo attached) and draws smiles from every person on the sidewalk who walks by. I have heard several nieghbors scream out, "It's a major award!"

The house, the musuem, your staff, and that wonderful leg lamp will always leave our family with a smile.

Warmest regards,

The Kline Family

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jul 27, 2010    |   From: Joe Lavey Jr

Here are a few pic from my 30th birthday party my wife had for me. In this picture is a 50" leg lamp with full size wooden crate she bought from your gift shop. It truly was a birthday I will never forget.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jul 6, 2010    |   From: Michael Austin

Just an update. The leg lamp was a HUGE HIT. And I mean HUGE.

It was damn funny, and the bride and groom to be put it together right then (it was the only gift they opened) and sat it up on a table.

The funniest thing was all of the people yelling "It's a major award!" No, wait, that's not true. The funniest thing was one guy was in the bathroom and missed the opening. He came out and looked up to see it on the table, and said "Hey, they've got a leg lamp!". His mom was sitting there and said, "Michael just gave it to them".

He then stated "It's a major award".

It was all pretty funny, and I think you'll probably see a little business out of it.

Thanks for all you did!

Michael Austin

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: May 13, 2010    |   From: Kimberly Walder

I ordered a the 45" Full Size Leg Lamp on Monday May 11th. I am pleased to report that I received the lamp and shade today Thursday May 13th. I am also in the sales industry and know the long process that an item must go through to make its way to the end user and I am sincerely appreciative and impressed by the efforts of this company. Thank you to all that were involved from processing my order to packing the box I am truly thankful.

With Respect & Gratitude,

Kimberly Walder

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Mar 11, 2010    |   From: Wayne Windham


I just received my "Bunny Suit Pajamas from Aunt Clara" It is GREAT. I love it. It fits perfect. Thank you so much and thanks for the free tee shirt. I now have the leg Lamp, the BB gun and the BunnyPajamas. I will be ordering Something Soon.

Wayne Windham

Jacksonville, FL.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 31, 2009    |   From: Kathleen Nawrocki

The 26" Desktop Lamp was received by my family in Shady Shores TX. The lamp is beautiful, as described and shown on your site, and the packaging, 'FRAGILE" was perfect. We are from the Hammond Indiana area, childhood home of Jean Shepard, and the Christmas Story is loved by my entire family. I plan to order more items for birthdays, holidays, etc. as they become available. Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to one of the most beloved holiday stories of our time.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 30, 2009    |   From: Andria Redlin

Being a fan of "A Christmas Story" since I was able to walk, when I found out about the leg lamps that were available, you can imagine how I begged, pleaded, wheedled, cajoled, and hinted to my husband that I had to have one of my own for the top of my desk, especially after visiting the CSH and Museum. Fast-forward to Christmas Eve, when I unwrapped the 20-lamp, I think the neighbors next door heard my yell of excitement. The lamp is way more awesome than I thought it would be, being of good design, and sturdy construction. It really looks beautiful when lit, not gaudy at all. Everybody who visits my apartment admires 'the major award' with gusto, and as soon as I save up enough money, I will be buying the second largest model to keep up year round. The Old Man was absolutely right-it certainly is 'indescribably beautiful!'

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 12, 2009    |   From: Tammy Coy

Every year my husband asks me what I want for Christmas, This year I knew exactly what to say. I told him I wanted to go to Ralphie's house. We live in southern Indiana, it's a six hour drive one way but he didn't even hesitate .Two years ago my children bought me a leg lamp for Christmas and it was the best gift I had ever received, until our trip. The tour of the house was AWESOME!!! We learned alot we didn't know. The gift shop and museum are very cool and the staff is fantastic. When we got home that night we watched the movie and it was thrilling to know we had been there. My absolute best Christmas memory ever! Thank you so much.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 12, 2009    |   From: Danielle Rice

WOW! You guys ROCK! I purchased this and it was here at my door in 2 days!!!! Thanks!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 6, 2009    |   From: Alton R Martin

I am a male at seventy two years young. The wife purchased the desk top leg lamp two Christmas ago. As you can see I use the lamp every day. And it brings me a light heart each time I turn it on. Number one Christmas movie is "A Christmas Story": number two is "Christmas Vacation".

thanks for your hard work

Alton R. Martin

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 1, 2009    |   From: Heather Nehring

We thought that you would enjoy these. We are definately satisfied customers.

WE LOVE IT ! It is Awesome! You should see the looks from the neighbors. We laugh every time we see a car driving by slowly.

Thanks sooooo much and Merry Christmas.


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 18, 2009    |   From: Danielle Griggs

Thanks so much you guys for the Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs! We are having a viewing party on the Friday after Thanksgiving, a tradition with a few friends. I cannot tell you how excited I was that you had these mugs for our party, and that you were able to get them to us already! Cannot wait for an incredibly festive evening! All my best!!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 11, 2009    |   From: rich

well i talke about getting the lamp for about 3 years now and my wife ordered it for me this past sunday. it was shipped on monday and i got it tuesday!! was going to wait till the day after thanxgiving to put her on display but couldn't wait the 2 weeks. not 12 hours after she was in the window we had people stopped in front of the house taking pictures! =) we love it.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jun 8, 2009    |   From: Mark

I had only been back in the states for about a month before going to the Christmas Story House. I purchased the 20" leg lamp and put it on my desk in my barracks room. My fellow soldiers have had a good time looking at my Major Award. They are beginning to understand the movie more and more every year.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: May 20, 2009    |   From: Dianne Conroy

Already have the 20" lamp(husbands birthday) It stays in the window way past Christmas. I just ordered the 50" leglamp for Fathers Day for my husband. Can't wait to surprise him with it when it arrives. Thanks again!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Apr 16, 2009    |   From: Greg Tuftie

Ordered the Leg Lamp in November but didn't tell anyone I had. Installed it December 1 with a remote control switch. Had family go outside and I was able to utter the words, "I give you the major award' after which I hit the remote button and the leg shone in all its glory in our front window. (It's still there, just not turned on) My wife and daughter were overjoyed with it. Can't wait for next Christmas!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 20, 2009    |   From: Tammy Field

I ordered "Road Trip for Ralphie" online. It was GREAT!! It contains so much background info and "inside" tidbits about the movie that I didn't even know!! I highly recommend this DVD to all Christmas Story fans.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 16, 2009    |   From: Kristy

Cant express enough how AWESOME this leg lamp is.. Better than I imagined... I giggle every time I look at it..I havent told my family I got it, so I cant wait to see their expressions when to dispay it in my living room window next Christmas!! HaHa
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 8, 2009    |   From: Rob Davis

Here is a news article I enjoyed about your leg lamp:

This Christmas season, visitors to Register of Deeds Don Clark's office came face to face with a pop culture icon.

There on the counter top, in all it's glowing, fish-netted glory was a replica of the leg lamp from the "Christmas Story" movie.

Clark received the lamp as a Christmas gift from one of his sons. He said he will never forget how excited he was when he opened the box, marked "Fragile" just like in the film, which contained the lamp.

"We just went nuts," he said.

Clark brought the leg lamp to his office at the Saunders County Courthouse, where he said it has attracted hundreds of visitors this holiday season.

Clark said so many people are familiar with the film that quotations from it, such as "You'll shoot your eye out," and "Fra-jee-lay," constantly sprang from the lips of visitors.

"It's the number one Christmas movie now," asserted Clark. "It's right up there with 'It's a Wonderful Life.'"

Clark said it has been a lot of fun to share his lamp with the people who have stopped by his office.

Perhaps even more fun for Clark, however, has been hearing everyone's stories about the movie, where they were when they first saw it and the different associations they have with it.

"We've just had so much fun with it," he said.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 27, 2008    |   From: Kris

I thought that I was really taking a risk ordering a leg lamp on December 19th for my husband's Christmas gift,but it arrived three days later on the 22nd, just like your map promised! I was so pleased with the quality and the speed in getting it to me. I used my work email, and your confirmation email allowed me to follow it as it progressed to Fargo, North Dakota. My husband was absolutely thrilled with the lamp! He put it up in a prominent window for everyone to see, ran outside to take a look, and screamed, "I won a major award!"
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 19, 2008    |   From: Debbie

Dear Christmas Story House,

I had to write to thank you for my wonderful leg lamp. I am in the Christmas business too. I sculpt one of a kind Santas all year which are sold in a store in Missouri and on my web site. I purchased a leg lamp a few months ago. I LOVE it! Each time, I look at it, I smile! It is displayed proudly in the window of my front room which is also my work room. We actually went into our front yard to see how it looked from our yard and the street! Tonight, I was overwhelmed with joy when a man living down the street whom I don't know, knocked on my door to enquire where we acquired our leg lamp. God that made me happy! I hope that he orders one. To me being in the business of Christmas it seems soooooo reasonable to purchase the leg lamp. Thanks again for the joy that you spread.



Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 19, 2008    |   From: Rich Close

My Daughter bought me the Leg Desklamp for my birthday. PERFECT replica of the one I love! Gonna go life size here this weekend when I visit the Christmas Story House for the first time!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 15, 2008    |   From: John Tost

I ordered the full size lamp back in the fall and had it shipped to a parcel service in North Dakota. When I brought it accross the border, the Customs guys wanted me to set it up in their office. I unveiled it the night of our local Christmas Parade and arranged to have it shining in the window (SURPRISE!!)as we pulled into the driveway. Funny though.... I don't think my wife is nearly as happy with it as I am.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 13, 2008    |   From: Janice Aaldering

Oh My gosh! All the reviews are right!!! This is a awesome lamp! It is elegant, charming, and whimsical, all in one. I feel a tender place in my heart for this lamp, as I have always adored the movie, and feel this has brought part of that into my home. The shipping was very quick, and the box MUST be saved because it is so special with the Fragile written on it. My children were so excited when they saw the box they knew what was inside. It was pure joy for all of us. We set the lamp up, of course in our living room window. When we came back from dinner, I hung up our coats in our entryway, and low and behold, there was a car that had stopped in front of our house to look at the lamp!

Wow, immediate attention! Thank you for creating these lamps and honoring such a wonderful Movie that is now a American Holiday Tradition and classic.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 12, 2008    |   From: Beth Heisler

I ordered the 26" lamp for my boyfriend and had it delivered to his office two weeks before Christmas so he could enjoy it and be more surprised. Boy was he ever, he loved it. I am very happy with the whole experience.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 10, 2008    |   From: Eve Stafford

My daughter gave me the 50 inch lamp for an early Christmas present this year. The cars line up and down my street to see it displayed in my living room window, it's everything I expected and more!!!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 9, 2008    |   From: Leah Hunter

the shipping company basically ruined my leg lamp by throwing into my fence to be eaten to my dog, but i just wanted to say how wonderful the staff are for this company, they were so polite and helpful (much more than the shipping company!!) they were never rude and explained things in an easy to understand way to where i wouldnt get confused. and when i accidentally called one of the staffs cell numbers, she was very professional and even took my call after her shift! she was so nice and i just wanted everyone to know how much i appreciated the service i've received.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 3, 2008    |   From: Eve Stafford

I received my "major award" today...I ordered the 50 inch full size deluxe lamp. Oh man, is it ever grand and BIG is absolutely beautiful. Very good quality, looks just like the one in the movie. I have it in my 2nd floor patio window and it looks fantastic from the street.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 2, 2008    |   From: Allison Wirtjes

I had been waiting over a year to purchase the deluxe leg lamp for my parents for Christmas last year. It has become the most prized posession in their house and my mother keeps it up all year she is so proud of it!

One thing I would like to mention is that I live in Florida and had it shipped to their house in Michigan. My mother was home and when she got the package it did say "Red Rider Leg Lamp" on the outside box. So please be prepared if you do not buy the cardboard box that this could spoil a bit of the surprise if you are having it shipped to the recipient. My mother blacked it out on the box before my Dad got home so he could enjoy the surprise, though. But still the best gift I ever gave them!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 19, 2008    |   From: Tony DeAgostino

This "Leg Lamp" is an A+++++++++ item! My wife and I are 100% happy that we made this purchase. It is NOT cheaply made at all! We can't believe the shoe is even real! Thanks for a great product!!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 7, 2008    |   From: Don Hamilton

I ordered a 45"--It was at my door in 3 days..Fantastic looking.. They look better in person than on any site or even in the movie--Can't wait for Christmas--I love it..
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 31, 2008    |   From: Terry Piccolo

I ordered my 45" leg lamp on Wednesday. It came on Friday!!! I am so impressed. Thank you so much.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 29, 2008    |   From: Judy Sikorski

My husband and I have been involved in watching this house "grow" from the beginning. The annual "House" partys are the best and well worth the price for a weekend stay. We haven't missed one yet! It's like a family reunion now. All of the cast members are very friendly and social. We took the Grandkids last year and they loved it, especially when they got to crawl under the sink and pretend they were hiding. Yes, we have a tall leg lamp in our front window and we are now considered a landmark in our area. For those of us that grew up in the 40's-50's...this is a must see event for the entire family. It will bring back so many memories. Can't wait to go back again.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Sep 7, 2008    |   From: Scott Perkins

The house is just as I'd remembered.I loved everything from the tour to the friendly staff.Thanks alot,really brought back memories!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Aug 16, 2008    |   From: Clara hendrick

I have just received my 45" leg lamp. I really love it. It is FANTASTIC. Very good quality. Can't wait to let it shine in my living room window at Christmas. Thank you for such a good product.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Aug 12, 2008    |   From: The Gibsons

We have had our leg lamp for two years now and want to say how wonderful it is!! We put it out on Thanksgiving weekend till the New Year. We have people stop by and compliment us on our "Major Award"!!

My in-laws loved it so much, they just ordered one too!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jul 29, 2008    |   From: dianne conroy

I ordered the 20' desk leg lamp for my husbands birthday.

I really surprised him with it. It went right away in the front window. My husband came back from fishing one evening, when his friend dropped him off he did a double take.

YOU HAVE THE LEG LAMP, THATS COOL ! On our vacation this year we are going to visit the Christmas House in Ohio.

Thanks! Happy Customer

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jun 16, 2008    |   From: Marianna Pittman

Our family are huge fans of A Christmas Story! When I saw on the Today Show that the house from the movie had been purchased and turned into a museum, I got online immediately to see all the details! I am working on getting the whole family there for a Christmas Photo, but until then, I ordered the Leg Lamp for the lawn to give to my Dad on Fathers Day. Every year, we enter the Southport Flotilla in North Carolina. We do it for the fun, but have started to get pretty competitive. We won first place last year, so I am working on this year's ideas. Once I saw this, I knew this might have to be the theme!


Marianna Pittman

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Mar 11, 2008    |   From: Bill Vick

THIS FILM WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS ONE OF THE MOST LOVED MOVIES OF ALL TIME AND RANKS RIGHT UP THERE WITH SUCH FILMS LIKE THE WIZARD OF OZ. The house looks great and the staff were very knowledgable about the facts and history of the movie its actors and history. Thanks for keeping the wonderful history of the all American family in our hearts. This is something that I have already passed down to my children and Im sure that they willl continue the tradition with there families when the time comes. We have 4 in my family and watch the film all year around. We quote the lines and laugh over and over again. I loved the visit and will come back again with out a doubt. my rating overall is an a+++

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Mar 4, 2008    |   From: Dawn

I received my leg lamp as a gift - best ever!!! Here was our XMAS card this year - everyone loved it!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 20, 2008    |   From: patty s

i sent the night light to my brother, he was so pleased with it. i do not think that he will put it away. he was really hoping for a pair,
i did have the desk lamp it was wonderful. i had it set out in a home of someone that i was taking care of. when it was time to take down the christmas things. the gentleman that i was taking care of was upset that i was taking it down. it is right beside his chair and will be there as long as he wants
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 15, 2008    |   From: Patty Huff

If you're going to buy a leg lamp, buy it from this place. I made a mistake in ordering, and Rob was so gracious when I called. He exchanged the color of the shoe without a grumble. I intend to order more from him, and also tell everyone who admires my lamp where I got it. Hope to give them a lot of business!!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 14, 2008    |   From: Chad Castle

Thanks Brian! AAA+++ guy with great lamps! Thanks to 91X in San Diego for letting the world know he's here in San Diego!! Mine is up in the window!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 7, 2008    |   From: Oren

I ordered my Lamp back in Sept. and waited impatiently to put it in the front window. I waited until the weekend after Halloween and put it up and then the Happiness started to sink in. It was up throughout the Holiday's and I can't even count how many people I seen standing in the front yard taking pictures of it. I took down all the Holiday decorations this past weekend and the lamp is now in my bedroom on display. Today the UPS man dropped off a package and told me "I was having a really bad day before Christmas and when I got here your Leg Lamp in the front window made the end of the day great". I'm so glad that Red Ryder Leg Lamps helped me help the UPS man happy!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 20, 2007    |   From: Crystal

I don't think I will be able to wait till Christmas morning.... My husbands favorite movie of all time is "The Christmas Story" I had seen the lamps in a magazine but they were all sold out. I found this site and ordered the 20" lamp because thats what I can afford. I ordered this yesterday Dec 19, 2007 and its on the truck to be delivered today. Your service is unbelievable !!! This will be the best Christmas EVER !!!!!!!!!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 20, 2007    |   From: Connie S

Thank you for helping me make my dad's Christmas!! We bought him the 45" leg lamp and had it delivered by a friend of ours to my parents house tonight, while the whole family was over for dinner. He had no clue, even when he commented on the "fragile" written on the side of the box. It nearly brought him to tears. This is his favorite Christmas movie of all times. As a child of the early 40's he can relate to just about every detail of the movie. He always watches it over and over on Christmas Day. We set the lamp up in the front window and when he walked out to the street to take a look he said "You should see it from out here!". They can't wait to invite all of their friends over to see it! I couldn't be more happy! He also got a kick out of the decoder pin...he plans to wear it on Christmas Day. He's a tough one to buy for and he told me this was one of the best gifts he ever received. I came out looking really good this year! Thanks!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 14, 2007    |   From: Patty

We received our "major award" yesterday...we bought the full deluxe size lamp. Oh is absolutely beautiful. We were pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the lamp. It really is a nice lamp...I hate to have to pack it away for the rest of the year!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 13, 2007    |   From: patty stephen

i got the desk top lamp, it is so much fun having it. i get alot of giggles from my freinds, telling me that it is wonderful, i was very pleased with the shippping time. and care that was giving to it. thankyou so much
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 13, 2007    |   From: patty stephen

i give you 5 stars for the fun we are having with the lamp thankyou
patty stephen
poertland oregon
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 4, 2007    |   From: Cathy C from Chicago

I loved the lamp so much I bought my mother one for her birthday. This will be the 3rd year I will display mine and the 2nd for my mom. Every year we have people stoppping in front of the house, yelling "FRAGEELAY", honking, laughing & stopping to talk to us if we are outside. I have it out all year round, but only in the front window during the Holdays!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 23, 2007    |   From: Lynn Gilligan

My son, grandsons and I presented my husband with his "Major Award" on Thanksgiving Day 2007. He was shocked and we all had a great laugh. He has been a "lamp" fan forever. He couldn't wait to put it in the window. We all went outside to "awe" at the sight. The lamp is everything we thought it would be and more.
Thank you for the EXCELLENT service.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 16, 2007    |   From: Joyce

I received both lamps in perfect condition within 2 days of ordering. Thank you for you prompt and professional service. I can hardly wait to see my husband and son open their lamps on Christmas!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 10, 2007    |   From: Janette P from Washington State


A huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the excellent service I receive when ordering from your company!!! Esp from "ANGELA" who has gone out of her way with customer service for me everytime I have called. She is the main reason I do business with Red Rider Leg Lamps. RRLL is a great company and every order always arrives in perfect condition. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 3, 2007    |   From: Connie

Can't wait til Christmas to display this beautiful leg lamp in our bay window!! It will keep our street on the tour of lights for sure! Thanks!!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Sep 22, 2007    |   From: Missouri Shabie

When "A Christmas Story" came out in theaters my son was around 8 years old, but he has never forgotten that movie or the fact that he looked a great deal like "Ralphie" This movie became a yearly tradition in our household continuing even after both my children had homes of their own. Sooooo for my son's 32 birthday I sent him the leg lamp. I don't think I have ever given him a gift he loved more!

The quality is excellent, the service Superior, but the childhood memory that lamp invokes is priceless!

Thank you for an outstanding product!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Aug 29, 2007    |   From: Jerry

Hello - Lamp arrived today. Thanks for the great service - Five stars *****


Churchills Books

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jun 5, 2007    |   From: Patrick Nogalski

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and again let you know how much I appreciate you going out of your way to send the lamp via alternate means, and although you may not think it is a big deal, it is.

The lamp was bought for a friend who was absolutely floored when he received it. So much so, that he played with the lamp, and it's placement all night. It was actually very comical to watch. He loved it, and now calls it one of his "prized" possessions.

You have done something a lot of other "big" companies will not do, and that is to please your customers, and that means a lot. Thanks again and again.



Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: May 30, 2007    |   From: Susan

I purchased a leg lamp for an Awards Dinner for the American Legion and I wanted to present this to a Veteran from WWII who helps me out every year with our Poppy Campaign. The leg lamp was a HUGE hit with not only the recipient but all the attendees. The rest of the event was very sedate and well, honestly boring until my portion. I gave out some pin awards and certificates and then on the stage along side the podium were the two boxes. Of course, I hammed it up and when he opened the box - hysterical laughter went on for minutes among the crowd. Chuck - the recipient later gathered the leg in one arm and gave a beautiful thank you speech and made a further plug for my organization.He now signs his name - Legs Gudbrandsen.

Thanks sooooo much for all the work you did on making this night happen for me and Chuck. It was so great of you.

Susan K.


American Legion Auxiliary Unit 264

Lake Forest, IL

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: May 2, 2007    |   From: Terry Grant

Attached is a photo of the happiest 50 year old man in the world. I received a Red Rider Leg Lamp for my 50th birthday. I have wanted one for years and my family ordered one for me from your company. It was the best present that I could have ever received. I opened my present in front of my family and friends and had to set it up and run right outside and see what it looked like. Of course I had my wife center it in the window for me.
About an hour after I placed it in our living room window for the world to see, a car cruised past our house and the guy almost went off the road. He came to a screeching stop (almost putting his family through the windshield). He put the car in reverse and moved backward to sit in front of our house. I could see him pointing and his wife and kids were all looking in amazement. I bolted to the window and gave them two thumbs up and they all returned the two thumbs up to me. They all drove away with a smile as big as mine.
The whole world loves a Red Rider Leg Lamp! I can't wait to start collecting the rest of the items you have on your web site.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Feb 14, 2007    |   From: Rick and Miss Hubb


We purchased our Major Award from you back in the fall of 2004. We got the "Fragile" crate with it. We are so pleased with our Award that it does go right in the middle of our front room window. We get more and more slow drive by vehicles and knocks at the door from people that want to see it up close. And when we take it down for the season, we are told also by the neighbors that it's a let down to them. Here's what it looks like from the outside.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 19, 2007    |   From: Ann Henner

want to thank you for making my step- dads dream come true. He has been waiting for his leg lamp since I told him I ordered him one. We tracked it all the way from California to our little town in Wisconsin. It is now on display (proudly) in his family room right smack in the window for all onlookers to gaze in awe at his major award. Thanks once again for making this gift the best that us kids could give him.

Ann Henner AKA The best step daughter

Saint Francis Wisconsin

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 6, 2007    |   From: Stacy

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that my husband flipped out when he got the Leg Lamp for Christmas. He annoys me (ha ha) every year by watching the 24 hours of a Christmas Story on TBS, and I knew this would be the perfect gift for him! He has it lit up in front of a window by our bar! Thanks so much for the fast shipment and have a Happy 2007!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 29, 2006    |   From: William Sandell

To whom this may concern!

I just wanted to thank you for providing this great christmas icon! Your lamp was the hit of christmas, finding its place in my front window. Many cars stopped!

thanks again, William Sandell

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 27, 2006    |   From: Todd

I just wanted to email and share the wonderful Christmas experience we had with your leg lamp. Attached is a photo of my Father-In-Law reading next to it. His reaction was priceless when he found it at the front door! He was caught totally off-guard, even after receiving the Major Prize telegram a few weeks ahead of time. I only wish I had gotten the full crate.

He said it's the best Christmas present he has ever received. Thank you!


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 21, 2006    |   From: Gene


Thank you so much for the fast delivery of our very own Major Award Leg Lamp!!! My husband's eyes popped out of his head (the fragile box didn't give it away!) He promptly set it up in the front room window, then went outside to see how it looked! He sent the attached pix to himself so he could show everyone at work. It's SO fun! Thanks for making it such a quality item - I'm glad I found you before I ordered anywhere else! Merry Christmas! The Gene Marschman family. (p.s. that's our daughter and her college roomate . . . all her friends love it too!!)

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 17, 2006    |   From: Robert Davis

I just wanted to say Thank You for the best Christmas present I could ever get my parents. I ordered the leg lamp on December 14, 2006 at about 8:00 PM at night. I was so worried that I ordered too late and I would never receive the lamp on time for Christmas. But, to some Christmas miracle (or maybe it's because I'm from Cleveland and that's where they are shipped from) the packages were there the next day (December 15) at 2:00 PM!

The Christmas Story plays a huge part in how my family celebrates Christmas and just this year, we added visiting the Christmas Story house on Rowley to our traditions. It's just a great time and we want to go again before Christmas! It looks beautiful, too. Spectacular job restoring the house!

Thanks for the lamp, thanks for the house, thanks for the memories.
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 23, 2006    |   From: Kyle Pace

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My wife just gave me a leg lamp she ordered from your company for my 30th birthday and I could not be happier! She had a good friend/actor of ours portray the delivery man (complete with cigar and clipboard) and deliver it during the middle of the party she was throwing for me, inside the crate and everything! It was awesome. We have a movie themed home theater and the lamp is now proudly on display! It looks great. Now I just need a replica Red Rider to hang on the wall next to it!

I just read the article about you on Yahoo about the house you restored. I never thought I would travel to Cleveland but now I am going to have to at some point!

I just wanted to say thanks for starting your company and giving my wife the idea to order from your site. It is without a doubt the most memorable birthday gift ever!

Enjoy your first holiday season with your little one. I have a 2 yr old and a 1 month old, there's nothing better!

Have a blessed holiday season.


Kyle Pace

Lee's Summit, Missouri

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Aug 3, 2006    |   From: Jim Schuster


I purchased my leg lamp several years ago and just purchased one for a relative. I love your product. I have attached three photos to show how I display my lamp.


Jim Schuster

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 27, 2005    |   From: Rebecca Thompson

I just wanted to let you know that my husband loves his leg lamp. I ordered it December 8th in the evening and received it December 14th. It was just in time for our Christmas Party. It was the hit of the party. It is in our front window, we have many people driving slow to take a second look. We even had a couple come knock on our door to check it out. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and speady shipping! It makes a difference.

Rebecca Thompson Collingswood, NJ

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 27, 2005    |   From: Linda Perry

To Everybody !!!

I just want to THANK YOU for a wonderful product. I purchased the "Leg Lamp" for my husband for Christmas. We are fans of the movie "Chirstmas Story" long before it ever became a "cult". So as he was opening the box he was reciting the move lines word for word and didn't even no what was in the box. Much to his suprise and delight it was in fact the "LEG"......He said it was the best gift he ever received, and that nothing could ever top it...... Again thank you for such a quality product and great service....I am in your debt for one of the best Christmas's we have enjoyed...and will remember for a long time since the "Leg Lamp" is in our front window.....

Thank you
Linda Perry
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 25, 2005    |   From: Lyn VanRiper-McGill

This is THE gift! Classic! It was just like the movie... Dad opened his 'Major Award' & immediately began to scope out just the right window. Mom told him he was not putting 'that thing' in the window. He chose a window that he wouldn't have to move a significant amount of holiday items to display his 'Prize'. This particular window is almost always covered (closed off to the outside by drapery), so Mom was somewhat tollerant when he put it there... but, of course, he pulled the drapery back to show it off to the neighborhood and passers by. Mom tells him, "You are not opening that drape!" --Mind you, this is all 2nd hand as related by my father-- But, still darn funny! Dad did go outside to get the view from the street... and, if he can get away with it, plans to move it to a more prominent window.

The family is taking bets on how long it takes Mom to 'accidently' break it.

Dad is trying to save it by taking it down after Little Christmas... & hiding it really well until next year (:

Thanks for honoring my request for the Leg Lamp to be sent anonymously! It was also great to hear my folks' stories of who they thought sent it, and how they called so many people to see it it was them!

Wishing all of you a Wonderfully wacky, heart-warming and fun Holiday Season!!!

Blessings & Blue skies,
B. Lyn VanRiper-McGill
& family (:
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 24, 2005    |   From: Buffy Kay Battise

I couldn't wait till Christmas to give my husband this Major Award. He was so Happy and Impressed with the excellent Quality of the Lamp and the Lamp Shade. It was easy enough for him to put together in a Flash. He quickly removed the Figurine from the middle of the piano and Placed his Major Award right on top, in the center no less! The man has invited friends and neighbors over to see his Major Award since Thursday. He has even talked a couple of his employee's into stopping by for a viewing of this Grand Gift of Electric Sex Glowing on top of my antique piano. Thankyou so much for providing me a way to gift my husband the Best gift he has ever recieved!

Buffy Kay Battise

P.S. Thanks for a Speedy Delivery and such Fine Quality!
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 20, 2005    |   From: John

I just recieved my leg lamp exactly as stated and quickly set it up on my large bay window. My kids are going to enjoy it, just as much as the movie when they were small. It will bring back some fond memories every x-mas time. I'm very happy with it!!!

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 19, 2005    |   From: J. Sherpinskas

I bought the Red Rider Leg Lamp for my borther-in-law, who is a big "A Christmas Story" fan. I ordered it late Friday evening. It was shipped Monday, and delivered the following Friday, in time for our family Christmas gift exchange.

As they say in the credit card commercials, the look on his face when he saw the box labeled "fragile" was priceless.

Thanks again,

J. Sherpinskas

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 15, 2005    |   From: Gail & Stretch

I just had to write and tell you how pleased we are. Delivery was less than a week after I ordered them. Our grown sons would not give us a Christmas list. So we decided for them … we ordered lamps for both of them… I thought it was expensive for a joke gift, but after seeing them we feel it was well worth it. I am so glad that I didn’t buy one from one of the catalogs that have them, I am sure the quality would not have been there. We can hardly wait until Christmas morning. I bet next year the boys will give us a Christmas list.

Gail & Stretch

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 15, 2005    |   From: Gingery Family


Thank you so much!!! We just received our Red Rider Leg Lamp!!! My mom loved it!! It was the best Christmas present we have ever bought!! We all love it!!! Thank you so much for having it here on time right before Christmas!! Fast delivery and it was here when you said it would be! Excellent customer service with fast responses!!!!! Thank You very much!!! We will take it out every Christmas!!!!

- The Gingery Family

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 6, 2005    |   From: Barbara Toncheff

Just thought you'd enjoy another use for the lamp...let me know what you think!

Barbara Toncheff, -a satisfied customer in Chagrin Falls (Cleveland suburb) Oh
Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 1, 2005    |   From: Jerry Oltmanns

It has arrived!

"Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window."

Thanks for a great product, great service, and many great Christmas memories!

Jerry Oltmanns

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 22, 2005    |   From: Adam Modecki

I just received my Leg Lamp, from you. I have to tell you it is absolutely perfect! This will be the best Christmas present I have ever given my Father. He will love it. Worth every penny.

Thank you, very much.

Adam Modecki, PA

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 18, 2005    |   From: Rick

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your wonderful service. I just received my lamp, only four days after placing my order, and I am very pleased. Although I haven't had alot of time to use it the quality of the lamp seems outstanding. I would encourage anybody thinking of getting a leg lamp to look no further than Red Rider Leg Lamps, the construction of it and the price are the best as well as the customer service. I was concerned at first about spending the money and getting a cheaply made and cheap looking lamp, but rest assured, it is indescribably beautiful. So, thank you once again for your great service and I look forward to many years with my very own major award !


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 5, 2005    |   From: Marty and Lea Ann M.


My Red Rider Leg Lamp arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more satisfied. This is obviously a high quality lamp, and your on-line photo's do not do it justice.

It took me about a year and a half to order the lamp because I was unsure of it's quality. I didn't want to throw money away on a whim. I'm sorry I waited so long.

My Leg lamp will be displayed through the holiday season right in the front window. The only thing that would make this more perfect would be if we lived on Cleveland Street!


Marty and Lea Ann M.

Wilkes Barre, PA

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Sep 30, 2005    |   From: Katherine Rees

I received the lamp and could not resist peeking at it before hiding it away for Christmas day and I am impressed by the quality of the lovely shade and the leg and details.

It's terrific.

Tee hee...thanks again for helping me have so much fun!


~Katherine Rees

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Mar 17, 2005    |   From: Hobie Statzer

Just wanted to thank everyone for getting my order delivered right on time as promised. Can not wait to see retiring coworker's face when he gets his surprise gift in front of about 125 people. It is pay back time for him. I know he will enjoy it however.

Hobie Statzer

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Mar 13, 2005    |   From: Jane Bellus

I purchased a leg lamp for my husband's birthday. It was wonderful quality and excellent like the one in the movie. He was so thrilled that I just recently bought a second for my son who is in the Air Force. In April I plan to buy one more as a coming home present for my son-in-law who is serving in the Army in Iraq. Thanks for an excellent quality product and such good service.

Jane Bellus

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Feb 12, 2005    |   From: Lee Ann

I just wanted to say that the quality of this product was much better than I expected. I have seen many in stores (costing nearly $100 more) and they just weren't the same. After 4 years, I finally convinced my mother to let me buy a leg lamp for my dad as a Christmas gift. As soon as he opened the lamp shade and saw the fringe, his eyes lit up like a little kid. I couldn't have asked for a better reaction from him. Every time someone comes over they say how great it is. It was very convenient that the shade matched one of the rooms in our home and will be on display year round! Except for the few weeks my dad lent it to a friend for the front window of a new lingerie shop for its grand opening!! Thanks for making such a great product at such a reasonable price!

Lee Ann, NC

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 13, 2005    |   From: Josh

I picked up the lamp shade yesterday. The lamp looks fantastic! I have already had people lining up and driving slow when passing my house.... many who actually go around the block to look again! Thank you for the wonderful product!


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jan 3, 2005    |   From: Toby Turchuk

Just had to tell you what a hit the Red Rider Leg Lamp was for my husband at Christmas. I waited till our kids, with their families, arrived for Christmas brunch and to exchange gifts. At the end of opening gifts, I "found" one more gift for Grandpa... I gave him the box with the shade first and the laughter began, then the second box was opened to whoops of laughter and declarations of "fra-gil-ee"! The Christmas Story lamp was decidedly the hit of the Christmas season and will have a place of honor in my husband's home office.

Thank you very much.


Toby Turchuk

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 29, 2004    |   From: Marianne

Many Thanks!...The leg lamp was a huge hit with everyone -- We esp. loved how the box read, "Fragile" (even though we don't speak Italian)...such a good likeness, too. We plan to bring it out every year,

Thanks again,


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 27, 2004    |   From: Nancy


I just wanted to thank you again. This lamp was so cute. It went over really big! My husband, unfortunately, was injured a year ago and is still bedridden with a damaged leg. He kept telling me he wanted a leg for Christmas and when he opened it, I told him I got him the leg he kept asking for. It cracked the whole family up.

Thank you.


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 26, 2004    |   From: Tony Mowen

What can I say!!!!

Thank you so much! Your leg lamp was a gift for my dad for Christmas! It was the hit of the day.

All my best for the happiest of holidays and sincerely hope you have a prosperous new year!


Tony Mowen

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 17, 2004    |   From: Joe

I received my lamp and love it. Just as advertised and service was great. Tomorrow I am going out to get the lumber to build the crate and stencil it. On Christmas Eve we have the family over for dinner and it will be setup in the front room window complete with the Red Ryder BB gun, antique Zeppelin and a jar of Ovaltine. I even have an original Red Ryder advertisement!

Have a Merry Christmas. You made mine!


Allentown, NJ

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 16, 2004    |   From: John

I just wanted to share some additional “Leg Lamp Stories” with you. Here are some stories that my manager shared with the rest of our staff:

Tuesday we sold a lamp to a customer from Downers Grove whose wife told him that he had to see this house in Berwyn. He thought he was going to look at Christmas decorations, when really she wanted to show him the lamp in the window. He wanted the lamp so bad he got out and rang the door bell to ask them they got the lamp…Horton’s, of course.

Tonight I had a customer from Winfield call. He had been on the Christmas Walk and saw it. The person he was buying for was with him so he could not purchase it then.

Who would have thunk…

My friend Rich Martini, he is a prankster so he bought his girlfriend the crated lamp for her birthday. Her parents were over for dinner (he has not made the greatest impression on them) and he called and said he had this great big gift. Nicole and her parents are expecting a ring soon…..He came in with the crate. Nicole’s father was thrilled as it turns out it is his favorite movie and he could not wait to get the crate opened. I guess Rich is now “in like flint” and the stories continue…

Thank you for the prompt service which we have received from you and your company. We hope that you are having a great season and we look forward to working with you again next year. Merry Christmas…


Horton’s Home Finishings

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 12, 2004    |   From: Brian Geisler

I have to say that we got our Red Ryder leg lamp early. My fault entirely. It was to be a surprise gift for my father for Christmas, we got it before the end of November. After all of the hiding around and keeping people quiet the time came.

So my brother and cousin dressed up as the delivery guys and we presented him with the major award, framed. We did this in front of our "family Santa " party. I can not state the amount of enjoyment from everyone in the room. Especially while my dad was prying the box open. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves immensely.

The quality of the lamp is unbelievable!! the accents and shade are the closest thing we came across on the net or in specialty stores. It is truly a gorgeous piece and my father was telling everyone it was going in his front window tonight.

I am so very pleased and if you got yours or get yours anywhere else you are making the mistake of your life. This is the only one to consider.

Thanks to everyone at Red Ryder for the great gift!!

Just remember to time the delivery right because these guys are on top of their game!!!

I'm glowing thinking about it!

Brian Geisler

Louisville KY

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 8, 2004    |   From: Carrie Gray

It's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the forth of July! We put it in the middle of our front room window.

Thanks Carrie Gray (A very satisfied customer)

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 2, 2004    |   From: Rain


I just wanted to let you know I received my lamp yesterday and I absolutely love it!! It is perfect and perfect quality. Cars slow to check it out, it is great. Thank you so much. It has made my Holiday season!


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 1, 2004    |   From: The Jackowiak Family

Hello and Merry Christmas,

We just wanted to drop a note and tell you how happy we are with our lamp. I picked it up from one of your retailer’s, Horton’s Home Finishing’s in LaGrange, IL.

I brought it home and surprised my wife with the Major Award, which was promptly put in the front window for all to see. After stepping outside to check its position, we admired the warm holiday glow (electric sex?) it produced. My daughter Marcy reported getting a thumbs up from passers by. I was impressed with the quality of the lamp and as I said, it looks great in the window.

Thanks Again,

The Jackowiak Family

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 29, 2004    |   From: LeeAnn

I just wanted to let you know that I received our Leg Lamp the day before Thanksgiving and I had my husband open up his Christmas present early. He was extremely excited to have received his "Major Award". I'm not sure which light was brighter, the lamp or the one that came from his face. He stood in awe as the lamp was set up in the front window (the only way to display electric sex)! In the evening time, all of the men gathered across the street to stare at our "prize", and it is now the talk of the neighborhood. We were extremely happy with the quality of the lamp and are proud to be displaying it for all to see!


Land O' Lakes, FL

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 24, 2004    |   From: EMB







Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 20, 2004    |   From: Rita G.

I swear, the lamp looks so fabulous that I have been painting the living room and purchased new lace panels for the front window because your lamp should have the best! Now all I need is someone around here to show me how to scan a picture of it in its rightful place - the front window- so I can show your future customers how great it looks!

Just wonderful.

Thanks again,

Rita G.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 16, 2004    |   From: Steve M.

I received my red rider leg lamp. I have to say I am very pleased. It shipped very quickly and the quality of the lamp is amazing. I was expecting a cheesy cheaply assembled gimmicky lamp and was surprised to find a well crafted lamp made of quality material.

Thank you,

Steve M.

Seattle, WA

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 13, 2004    |   From: Jayson

I got the lamp delivered Thursday night, funny enough, at dinner time. When the door bell rang I looked at my wife and said, "It has arrived." I opened the boxes and put it together and just stared at it in admiration for at least a half hour. My wife just rolled her eyes in bewilderment. I am very impressed with the overall quality and close resemblance to the movie lamp. Very worth the money! I hope you get rich selling these things. Though, I hope nobody in MY neighborhood gets one. The lamp will assume its rightful place in the front window the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanks Brian!

Jayson K

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 3, 2004    |   From: Marianne

I purchased the leg lamp and received it in less than a week. I was concerned because I wanted to donate it as a silent auction item for our church holiday bazaar. It arrived in plenty of time and my husband and I as well as his brother and wife just had to have our picture taken with it before we gave it away! I'm having a hard time parting with it and my husband believes I'll even be bidding on it myself. The bazaar is this weekend. I know it will be a big hit!

Thanks for a quality item and fast service.


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 18, 2004    |   From: Janel

Thanks so much, we do love the lamp, it's in the front window and displayed proudly.

Much appreciation!


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 16, 2004    |   From: Bob

We did already receive the Leg Lamp, and were surprised at how fast that made it out here. The lamp is pretty cool, and the shade is of exceptional quality! We can't wait until Christmas time comes, as we plan to put it in a front window for all of our neighbors to see. That is one heavy-duty crate, by the way... perfect for putting the lamp on top of!

Thanks again!



Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Oct 14, 2004    |   From: Harriet

Thank you so much. The lamp looks great and, again, I am so touched by the excellent customer service.



Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Jun 21, 2004    |   From: Marlin

We have received our official Red Rider Leg Lamp in the box marked FRAGILE and it is everything we ever dreamed of. It is proudly displayed in our living room window. Thank you so much!!! - Marlin

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: May 10, 2004    |   From: Bill

The lamps arrived today. You are a great company to do business with. The lamp is great.


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Apr 7, 2004    |   From: Brian


I finally got to unpack the lamp I received from you about 2 weeks ago. With kids and all it sat in the boxes. I set it up in our master bedroom last weekend. My wife (to her amazement) liked it!

She saw the boxes and just laughed when she saw your mailing label. I was afraid she’d tell me to get it out of the house, but she’s a great sport and got a real kick out of it. It has a permanent place at my nightstand now. I was impressed with the quality of it.

Thank you!


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Mar 12, 2004    |   From: Susie

Thank you for all your help.. The lamp brought tears of Joy to him. He could not believe it. It was a big hit. Thanks again and enjoy,


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Mar 2, 2004    |   From: Beth

Thank you for the very quick shipping. My husband wanted a leg lamp very bad for Christmas and could not find it so this will make a wonderful Birthday surprise.

Thanks for the great customer service.


Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 26, 2003    |   From: dianne

Our daughter loved her special gift, a leg lamp. We saw another one in town and it made the local paper as great Christmas decorations in Greensburg....

thanks dianne

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 19, 2003    |   From: Anita

Thank you! I received the leg lamp today. I LOVE it! I'm sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. It's proudly displayed in my front window.

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 10, 2003    |   From: Gary

I just wanted to thank you guys and tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful customer service. The leg lamp arrived a couple of days ago and it is awesome. My old man will laugh his ass off!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas, Gary

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Dec 1, 2003    |   From: Andrea

We received leg lamp & it's probably the best thing I could've ever given my father. He loved it. Now I have to convince my 3-yr old girl that it's not for us to take home. She had me turn it on & she watched the movie at least 4 times straight... Thanks so much! Happy Holidays! Andrea

Rating: 5  5 stars  |    Date: Nov 28, 2003    |   From: Karen

I ordered the lovely Leg Lamp on Sunday the 23rd and had it on the 26th of November, just in time for Thanksgiving. The lamp was a birthday/Christmas gift for my older brother who is a diehard Christmas Story fan. My sister said we absolutely had to give it to him on Thanksgiving so it could go up in the front window for the Christmas holidays.

To say he loved it would be the understatement of the year. To watch the extended family's reaction was priceless. One of the three year old boys in attendance stood there rapt running his little hand up and down the leg saying 'I really love this, take it's picture'. One of the six year old girls couldn't figure out why there was only one leg in a shoe. Obviously I failed in her movie training, I sent the movie home with them last night and instructed her parents to let her watch it all day today.

Thanks for a wonderful kick-off for our holiday season.


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